Exclusive Educational Coaching and Teaching combines the best of traditional teaching methods with innovative teaching practices, mindset and motivational coaching, accelerated learning and much more to help you achieve your goals.

Delivered by an experienced qualified U.K. teacher (previously Head of GCSEs) and examiner, who has taught GCSE/IGCSE, A Level, IELTS, the SATs and Cambridge Exams as well as supporting students with English as an additional language at degree and post-graduate level, educational consultant (with in depth knowledge and understanding of the School Curriculum) and English as an additional language consultant (advises schools and colleges, trains teachers and specialises in helping accelerate progress in students with English as an additional language) and coach, who has helped thousands of students and professionals achieve their educational goals regardless of their starting point.

The sessions are bespoke and can be focused to meet a specific educational goal such as exam preparation - what you need to know, writing essays, building confidence in a particular area or anything the pupil finds particularly challenging. You will receive personalised support that addresses the pupil's unique challenges, enhances your mindset, and equips you with the tools to excel academically and beyond.

Delivered online - for your comfort and convenience.

How does exclusive educational coaching and teaching differ from traditional teaching and tutoring?

How does exclusive educational coaching and teaching differ from traditional teaching and tutoring? Anyone can be a tutor. Effective learning requires more than subject knowledge. An experienced teacher possesses a distinct set of skills and insights that go beyond subject expertise, enabling them to have a profound impact on a student's learning journey. An experienced teacher, in addition to having the required subject knowledge to teach also has; pedagogical expertise, they are also skilled at adapting their teaching techniques to suit diverse ways of learning, abilities and backgrounds. They can identify struggling students and modify their approach to provide targeted support and close any educational gaps quicker and more efficiently and much more.

Although subject experts bring deep knowledge in a specific field, experienced teachers, in addition to having the required knowledge to help students achieve the highest grades, they also have a comprehensive skills set that includes pedagogical expertise, adaptability, holistic support, effective communication, and the ability to build strong relationships. Their impact goes beyond imparting knowledge, they shape student's academic, personal and emotional growth, leading to well-rounded success.

Now imagine, the above expertise combined with the power of coaching and other success practices. There is a reason why successful business people have coaches to help them navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and continuous evolve their skills to maintain and further their success. These sessions will not only equip you with the skills, mindset and tools you need to achieve the goal you want to achieve but also set you up for future success.

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"Knows how to find and target weaknesses, explain in a perfectly clear way and swiftly move on to proceed with a super-efficient lesson!"


"We felt he was in such capable hands. We are so lucky to have had your help."


"One hour, it equals hours of average teaching!"


"I never doubt my conversational skills and ability and speaking now seems effortless."


"Finds the quickest and easiest methods possible. I am extremely impressed"


"My son sounds like a Native English speaker"


“Helping children feel confident …”

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